Case studies

Margaret came to me as she was stuck in a “black” rut and was bored with her wardrobe and her overall look.  She was always turning to black as her safety net!—does this sound familiar?

Although Margaret is lucky in that she can wear black as it blends well with her own colouring, she had given up wearing any other colours or accessories with her black, so her overall look was very sombre and boring and she felt she needed a brighter look.

She works in a medical practice and is on the frontline seeing patients. She had become very tired of her black and wanted to be more adventurous, and decided to get advice on colours and styles of clothing that suited her along with some make-up guidance.




As you will see adding in colour to her beloved black has made a huge difference to her image and has made a difference to the way she feels in herself as well as presenting a colourful and positive image to her patients! We now see Margaret as a person in colourful clothes that work with her own colouring and she is now not seen as the lady at the practice who always wears black!



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