Are you stuck in a rut with your make-up routine or have you been applying your make-up the same way for years? Do lipstick colours frighten you?  Or maybe you have never worn make-up before?

I will show you how to apply a make-up quickly and efficiently, showing you the right colours that will suit your natural colouring and personality.

You will receive a detailed workbook, giving you lots of hints and tips, skin care advice and a prescription of what is needed to make you look fab!

It will cover:

One: How to take the best care of your skin and development of a personalised skin-care routine

Two: A fast and simple make-up routine

Three: How to select make-up colours that look natural and compliment your skin tones

Four: How to apply your make-up for a long-lasting look

Five: Luxury make-up routines for special occasions

It is also ideal for special occasions, why not book a make-up party in my studio and bring along your own party food and fizz?

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