The Colour Consultant was established in 2005 after a lovely client, who happened to be a web designer, pointed out to me how hard it had been for her to find a personal stylist close to her base in Chiswick. Being quite a visual person, she wanted to see a picture of the person she might make an appointment with, and didn’t just want an impersonal telephone Number and email to make contact. In those early days of websites, everything was very new, but it did make me think of the importance of “being seen” in the Image industry! And so this was the beginning of my website.

The Colour Consultant’s services include one-to-one and small group consultations, presentations, talks and practical workshops for both individual and corporate clients.

Having trained as a nurse and gone on to run a large medical practice, I woke up one morning and decided I needed a change and I was a little tired of wearing a uniform! But what direction should I go in?

I had always been very keen on fashion, clothes and dare I say it, handbags and shoes!  But I had never seriously considered a career as a stylist.

It was a big decision but I went on to train with Colour Me Beautiful  and I retain my professional association with CMB, using their extensive make-up range, as well as being a CMB trainer.
As well as working with many blue-chip clients, including British Airways, Marks & Spencer, BUPA and Hilton Hotels, HSBC, I enjoy working on a one-on-one basis with clients and with small groups of friends.

I am located in West London close to High Street Kensington and Hammersmith in Brook Green as well as in Compton close to Winchester.

Let me help you look your best, so I would be delighted to hear from you.

Simply call 07710 253889 or complete the contact page.